An introduction of me by Diemmy

Found this, after so many years…that means, as waters run under the bridges where you pass by, good memories of encounters still remain, making it meaningful to jot down a few words of appreciation whenever you can, to thank and to cherish the gifts of Life, and of Love. Have a Blessed Day! Thanks.

Pourquoi écrire?

On a quelquechose à donner, on ne sait pas quoi, on ne sait pas à qui mais c’est là, alors on prend un crayon, on trace, on dépose les petits cailloux, on sait qu’on reviendra et que ces petits cailloux nous parleront.

(Journal intime, auteur inconnu)

Introduction of Ms. Anh Tho Andres’s writings by Diemmy Truong

By chance, I got to know Ms. Anh Tho Andres’s Facebook page when a Facebook friend of mine hit ‘like’ on one of her notes. It was a part of her manuscript for her novel ‘Back to Square One’ (tựa đề Tiếng Việt: ‘Trở về Con số Không’). I read through her note without intervals and was so impressed that I started to follow her to see more of her status updates and sharing on her page. 

To my surprise, I got her friend request shortly after and we started to communicate with her offering me to share her original version in English. As I remember, I was a little depressed by then, due to some personal issues that kept me sleepless. I spent almost a white night reading all the excerpts that she sent to me and was cheered up. The more I read, the more interested I got in her plot and her writing style. Then I asked her if I could volunteer to translate her book into Vietnamese so that it is accessible to more Vietnamese audience and I myself could learn from her.

My over 10-year experience as a news and freelance translator has proven that the best way to learn a language and improve the usage of one’s mother tongue is to practice translating as it forces me to read the text thoroughly and refer to sources to get a precise translation. Not only has my translating helped me to broaden my vocabulary and word choice but it has enhanced my writing remarkably as I am regularly exposed to stories by native writers.

Later on, I translated her series of ‘Back to Square One, A New Turning Point’ which presented her point of view, perspectives as well as what she gained from her readings. In each chapter, she wrote about an aspect of life from her own experience and Buddhism philosophy with personal advice on how to lead a more meaningful life and learn more to be professional at work. I have found myself sharing with her quite a few viewpoints in common and discovering new things.

As an avid social network user, I have gained some incredible opportunities and made friends with new people from various walks of life that have inspired and assisted me to achieve and become who I am now. My unexpected encounter with Ms. Anh Tho has opened a new door to knowledge and I hope you all will have the same experience as me. 

I wish you a good new journey of knowledge exploration.

(Source: Facebook, Diemmy Truong, with her permission)

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