A New Turning Point – Note #5

5. Finding the Right Audience The secret for an effective communication is to address the right audience. Not only, you need to use the right language, that means a content expressed in words that belong to the trade, for instance, in business, the term ‘business plan‘, ‘executive summary‘, ‘return on investment‘, ‘payback period‘, etc. areContinue reading “A New Turning Point – Note #5”

A New Turning Point – Note #3

Note #3. Getting Organized My introspection task list is still not yet finished. Reviewing past posts reminds me of my past resolutions at different turning points of my short existence as a Scholar. My boss has given me a nick name: ‘the youngest doctor’ in town… ha ha! Here is an updated version of note#3Continue reading “A New Turning Point – Note #3”

A New Turning Point – Introductory Note

Note #1 – Back to Square One, A New Turning Point Question: Why call it “A new turning point” when you are changing into a new person every day? Answer: Well, because everybody likes ‘novelty’, so calling it ‘a new turning point’ is more appealing that ‘just another turning point’. It’s the art of ‘UsingContinue reading “A New Turning Point – Introductory Note”

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