Call for papers: Southeast Philosophy of Education Society (SEPES)

Members of the Southeast Philosophy of Education Society (SEPES) seek to: promote the philosophic treatment of problems in education; promote the clarification of agreements and differences among different philosophies of education through discussion afforded by annual meetings; advance and improve teaching in the philosophy of education in postsecondary educational institutions; cultivate fruitful relationships between philosophyContinue reading “Call for papers: Southeast Philosophy of Education Society (SEPES)”

Why does Ethics matter to Vietnamese Teachers?

Hi All, Lately, I have been more involved with my compatriots in organising classes on Ethics Education, linked to the educational project called “Ethics in Higher Education” that has been implemented around the world, mainly in African, Latin American contexts. I am now sharing some reflections on Ethics and Culture in the Vietnamese context. FirstContinue reading “Why does Ethics matter to Vietnamese Teachers?”

Tips on international studies

While reviewing my past work on this topic, I am sharing some notes posted on my page some time ago. Discipline: International Studies & Global Governance.  Type of Degree /Diploma: DAS, pre-MBA, IOMBA, EMBA, DBA, Ph.D. Recommended Courses for International Business, click here. Key Concepts: Development Studies, Public Governance, Comparative environmental frameworks, Geo- andContinue reading “Tips on international studies”

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