Call for papers: Southeast Philosophy of Education Society (SEPES)

Members of the Southeast Philosophy of Education Society (SEPES) seek to: promote the philosophic treatment of problems in education; promote the clarification of agreements and differences among different philosophies of education through discussion afforded by annual meetings; advance and improve teaching in the philosophy of education in postsecondary educational institutions; cultivate fruitful relationships between philosophyContinue reading “Call for papers: Southeast Philosophy of Education Society (SEPES)”

Why does Ethics matter to Vietnamese Teachers?

Hi All, Lately, I have been more involved with my compatriots in organising classes on Ethics Education, linked to the educational project called “Ethics in Higher Education” that has been implemented around the world, mainly in African, Latin American contexts. I am now sharing some reflections on Ethics and Culture in the Vietnamese context. FirstContinue reading “Why does Ethics matter to Vietnamese Teachers?”

Why does Ethics matter to Vietnamese People?

Looking back to the Vietnamese recent history, it seems that post-war Vietnam does not enjoy the sentiments of safety as we often dreamt of, while fighting for “Peace” and “Independence”. Peace does not bring a safer society to its people, even in the absence of the insecurity of war and conflicts. Why is it so?Continue reading “Why does Ethics matter to Vietnamese People?”

Reading “Vietnamese Classical Authors of the 19th Century”

Vietnam Classical Literature is mostly known to the outside world as sino-vietnamese (Han-nôm) literature, due to the Chinese influence on the Vietnamese scholarship over centuries. For the younger Vietnamese generations, the study of Vietnamese classical authors seems to fade away, leaving the place to contemporary authors on topics on modern existentialism, pre-war or post-colonial literatureContinue reading “Reading “Vietnamese Classical Authors of the 19th Century””

Reading “The Future of Islam and the West”

Political philosophy seems to be the favorite topic of discussions among my peers. After my first posting on this WordPress platform, I am encouraged to move further with exploring ideas pertaining to how we should be governed, and by whom. As I have spent the last ten years exploring the “other face of the coin”Continue reading “Reading “The Future of Islam and the West””

A New Turning Point – Note #5

5. Finding the Right Audience The secret for an effective communication is to address the right audience. Not only, you need to use the right language, that means a content expressed in words that belong to the trade, for instance, in business, the term ‘business plan‘, ‘executive summary‘, ‘return on investment‘, ‘payback period‘, etc. areContinue reading “A New Turning Point – Note #5”

A New Turning Point – Note #3

Note #3. Getting Organized My introspection task list is still not yet finished. Reviewing past posts reminds me of my past resolutions at different turning points of my short existence as a Scholar. My boss has given me a nick name: ‘the youngest doctor’ in town… ha ha! Here is an updated version of note#3Continue reading “A New Turning Point – Note #3”

A New Turning Point – Introductory Note

Note #1 – Back to Square One, A New Turning Point Question: Why call it “A new turning point” when you are changing into a new person every day? Answer: Well, because everybody likes ‘novelty’, so calling it ‘a new turning point’ is more appealing that ‘just another turning point’. It’s the art of ‘UsingContinue reading “A New Turning Point – Introductory Note”

An introduction of me by Diemmy

Found this, after so many years…that means, as waters run under the bridges where you pass by, good memories of encounters still remain, making it meaningful to jot down a few words of appreciation whenever you can, to thank and to cherish the gifts of Life, and of Love. Have a Blessed Day! Thanks. PourquoiContinue reading “An introduction of me by Diemmy”

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