Tips for considering a DBA Degree

To start a journey for a doctoral is not easy. At first, time and resources are to be considered: A doctorate degree usually needs an investment of 3 to 5 years. The question you need to consider is: Do I have the time? Do I really want to spend that much time away from myContinue reading “Tips for considering a DBA Degree”

Tips on international studies

While reviewing my past work on this topic, I am sharing some notes posted on my page some time ago. Discipline: International Studies & Global Governance.  Type of Degree /Diploma: DAS, pre-MBA, IOMBA, EMBA, DBA, Ph.D. Recommended Courses for International Business, click here. Key Concepts: Development Studies, Public Governance, Comparative environmental frameworks, Geo- andContinue reading “Tips on international studies”

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