A Mid-year Resolution

My journey to the TOP

During Covid-19 lockdown, I did not really feel the restriction of being at home, as I could catch up with lots of delayed projects because of my thesis and other unplanned emergencies.

But since a week, I started to feel the symptoms of lack of social life and lack of daily exercise. These are manifestations of my declining health, and warning signs of troubles ahead…

In the meantime, the to-do list of urgencies seems to have vanished: things like vacation, parties, visits to friends, and even spring and summer shoppings are no more priorities…

However the vaacum allows projects that were seemingly forgotten to emerge on my top reading list: a clearer picture of what I need to finish takes shape around a study programme named “Vietnam Hoc” and with it, thousands of research titles seem to jump back on my desk!

By the way, my Chris de Burg favorite song is indeed: “Follow your heart”…

Do have a beautify Summer 👶

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