Why does Ethics matter to Vietnamese Teachers?

Hi All, Lately, I have been more involved with my compatriots in organising classes on Ethics Education, linked to the educational project called “Ethics in Higher Education” that has been implemented around the world, mainly in African, Latin American contexts. I am now sharing some reflections on Ethics and Culture in the Vietnamese context. FirstContinue reading “Why does Ethics matter to Vietnamese Teachers?”

Why does Ethics matter to Vietnamese People?

Looking back to the Vietnamese recent history, it seems that post-war Vietnam does not enjoy the sentiments of safety as we often dreamt of, while fighting for “Peace” and “Independence”. Peace does not bring a safer society to its people, even in the absence of the insecurity of war and conflicts. Why is it so?Continue reading “Why does Ethics matter to Vietnamese People?”

Tips for considering a DBA Degree

To start a journey for a doctoral is not easy. At first, time and resources are to be considered: A doctorate degree usually needs an investment of 3 to 5 years. The question you need to consider is: Do I have the time? Do I really want to spend that much time away from myContinue reading “Tips for considering a DBA Degree”

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