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Dr Anita H. earns a Doctorate in Business Administration with Paris-Est University in Paris, an MBA with the University of Hull, and a Bachelor of Arts and Political Science with the University of Arts and Humanities in Vietnam, her homeland. As a multicultural and multilingual professional, with over 35++ years of work experience, she has been involved in many important negotiation rounds as an interpreter, and a multilingual translator at the national and international levels. Apart from her professional experience in both public and private sectors, dealing with multiple cross-cultural and intercultural contexts, she has also conducted in-depth research works on her own culture and development process of her home land, Vietnam, and has attended many conferences and seminars in Europe and in South East Asia as a conference speaker and an interpreter. She is now currently based in Geneva.

@Anita H.

Research interests: Intercultural Communication, Research Methodology, Organisational Culture, Change Management, Globalisation.


University of Business and International Studies (Geneva); Asian Dialogue Society (Singapore); Vietnam Hoc Institute (Vietnam/Geneva); UPEC (Paris); EIDM Fashion and Luxury Business School (Paris); Swiss Courts Accreditation (Switzerland); ICEM International Council of Entrepreneurship and Management (London); Globethics.net Pool of Experts (Global).

Current position:

Programme Executive, Globethics.net (Global)
Coordinator in capacity building and train-the-trainers programme in Ethics in Higher Education for the Globethics.net Global Network. Initator of SBI Training Solutions, Vietnam Hoc Institute and many other programs aiming at promoting Quality Education and Skills Training for Teachers.

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